iBend Pipe App Reviews

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Pretty decent

An overall decent app. Measurments are correct, the interface could be a bit better for the price.

Doug H. Toronto canada

This app was a tremendous help to me I had to bend a 12 offset on a 1 1/4 rigid pipe using 45 degree bends ,the degree indicator onthe old chigago bender was missising and the floor of the parking garage I was in was sloped every way possible but the level feature on this app helped me set the zero begining referance and the 45 angle . It also helped in marking my 2 bend points . I highly recomend this app for anyone who needs to bend pipe.

No 4-Point saddle?!

Helpful, but why is there no option for a 4-point saddle?


Must buy. Price high? No way. Just like buying another tool for the job.

Awesome tool

Just another tool in the bag. Super easy to use, and understand. Excellent interface if you cant figure out how tobise this app, you should of been a plumber! Worth every penny.


I would like to set something strength. 4 point saddles are two offsets back to back, that alone should not cost this fantastic tool a star, I am giving 4/5 stars because I think we need bigger pipe size calculations and tables ( deductions) and other measurements. Looking forward to rate this app next time. Keep up the good job and release more updates soon. Truth is I dont use this app very often at all, but web I needed to make a perfect 3 pointer this saved me. Cheers

Love this app!

Works like a charm, cant wait for the four point saddle.

Pipe fitter

Could be useful as a tool for bending tubing if I know the bend radius and it can be changed


The best apps of the electical tubing


Definitely the best one out there, the 4-point saddle doesnt quite work as intended (I think the ABCD measurements are a bit off, either that or Im way dumber than I thought) other than that hiccup its awesome!

Awesome app

The app is really good and does the job very quickly!


Aside from on-line banking, this is the best app I have. I find it very useful and intuitively laid out. This app wont make anyone a Master bender overnight, but, if you already know how to calculate and bend pipe, this is an invaluable tool. Note - the only reason Im giving this four and not five stars is, given the functionality of this thing, the creators might have something else up their sleeve. Thank you and Happy Bending!

Bend EMT like a pro

Easy to use, precise measurements and calculations for all types of bends

Great app

As a journeyman I think this app is great for guys(especially apprentices).. The calculations are right on and make my job go a lot quicker...


Ive been bending conduit for many years. Its great for people who casual bend. There is very little for the daily bender. It is useful for apprentices to see what is possible to bend.

Use it almost daily

I almost never review apps but I am in school to be an electrician and I am using this app almost daily, and it was great. With the newest update it is even more amazing, I definitely recommend this app to anyone who has to bend conduit.

Great app

Been bending pipes for over 20 years , I learned the hard way , wish I had this , its great for beginners to experts , I use it usually for the segment bends ( great tool ) and the digital level PRICELESS , a must have app on your smart phone

The go-to for any pipe calcs!

Ive had this app in my pocket for the last 5 years! It has always been the best bet for any difficult pipe situations. The rolled offsets and kick 90s are the greatest part of this app. Thanks so much for keeping it up to date and constantly improving it. The watch would be a sweet tool to utilize this instead of having a phone out. Only recommendation for improvements might be 3-point saddles to avoid an off centre saddle, maybe a step by step is needed to show rookies how to bend them. Ive always used the "star-notch-90 arrow" technique, you may want to look into adding that. Thanks a ton!

Essential app for Electricians

This app is amazing and keeps improving. I was recommended it by my co workers.

Smart tool

Excellent use of smart technology. Should be required by every electrician as part of their toolbox. Pinpoint accuracy on every bend made. Thank you.

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